A little bit about us

A well-loved hymn opens with these lines, “I love to tell the story, of unseen things above, of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His love.” These words would describe well the passion and ministry of Southern View Chapel. We love to tell the story of the glories and wonders of Jesus Christ. We love to tell of His great sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary to save us from our sin. We love to proclaim God’s Word in all of its fullness. We love to magnify God through every possible means.

As a result of our zeal to proclaim these truths, our church—every aspect, program and activity—centers on the Word of God, which is the only source of life and godliness through the power of the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:3). The times of fellowship, evangelism, and worship are extremely important to us, but even these things must be firmly grounded upon the scriptures or they become activities without purpose. The Lord has created His church to be the “pillar and support of the truth” (I Timothy 3:15). It is our desire and delight to be a local congregation fulfilling the purpose for which we were designed.


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