The Gospel


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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Play the sermon The Darkest Hour Mark 15:33-15:41 Gary Gilley 2014-04-13 Mark
Play the sermon The Crucifixion Mark 15:16-25 Gary Gilley 2014-04-06 Mark
Play the sermon Deliverance 1 Kings 17:2-16 Brian Gilley 2014-03-30 1 Kings
Play the sermon A God War Begins 1 Kings 16:29-17:7 Brian Gilley 2014-03-23 1 Kings
Play the sermon Jesus, Pilate, and Barabbas Mark 15:1-15 Gary Gilley 2014-03-16 Mark
Play the sermon Jesus on Trial Mark 14:53-72 Gary Gilley 2014-03-09 Mark
Play the sermon Prayer In Time of Need Mark 14:32-52 Gary Gilley 2014-03-02 Mark
Play the sermon The First Supper Mark 14:27-31 Gary Gilley 2014-02-23 Mark
Play the sermon Preparations for the Cross Mark 14:1-16 Gary Gilley 2014-02-16 Mark
Play the sermon Gentiles and the King's Coming Matthew 25:31-46 Gary Gilley 2014-02-09 Prophecy
Play the sermon Until He Comes II Mark 13:24-37 Gary Gilley 2014-02-02 Mark
Play the sermon Take Heed Mark 13:14-13:23 Gary Gilley 2014-01-26 Mark
Play the sermon Until He Comes Mark 13:1-13 Gary Gilley 2014-01-19 Mark
Play the sermon The Son of David Mark 12:35-12:44 Gary Gilley 2014-01-12 Mark
Play the sermon Forgiveness Luke 17:1-10 Gary Gilley 2014-01-05 Luke
Play the sermon Long Expected Messiah Isaiah 52:13-17 Brian Gilley 2013-12-29 Christmas
Play the sermon The Disappiontment of Christmas Luke 2:8-2:20 Gary Gilley 2013-12-22 Luke
Play the sermon The Great Commandment Mark 12:28-12:34 Gary Gilley 2013-12-15 Mark
Play the sermon Amazing Answers to Vital Questions Mark 12:13-27 Gary Gilley 2013-12-08 Mark
Play the sermon By What Authority Mark 11:27-12:12 Gary Gilley 2013-12-01 Mark