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Building Lasting Friendships - Worship Center

Friendship in our busy isolated culture is often hard to develop, yet Scripture lays the foundation for wholesome lasting friendship.  - Taught by Curt Fleck

Sunday School classes change every two months

The class groupings are scheduled as such: Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct and Nov-Dec.

I Peter (for women) - Room 208

For women only. Taught by Elaine Sosman

The Church - Room 206

What is church? Does preaching matter? How should we evangelize? These and other questions about Christ's church will addressed. - Taught by Shaune Lewis

Leadership & Service - Rom 207B

We will be drawing teachings and principles from the Pastoral Epistles dealing with 'how God wants us to lead & serve". Taught by Dave White

What We Believe - Room 210

Taught by Chris Disler and Gary Mings.  This course gives an overview of what we believe at SVC and how we function as a church. All contemplating joining the church should go through this class, as well as any wanting a better understanding of our core beliefs.

Seniors Class - Room 203

Taught by Marvin Sanders.  This class will be studying "David - A Man After God's Own Heart"